Escapade Mini Series

Chenille Bishop found out at the age of eighteen that she was different from most people she knew. She possessed a special gift that would change her life and give her control of things that would bring her enormous pleasure. After years of playing with her power, she meets a handsome Irish bartender that charms her in ways she would have never imagined. After months of flirting and scheming, she finally makes her move. Will she finally meet her match or will he be like every other conquest?
Thayer O’Brien is taken by Chenille from the moment she steps foot in the newly opened bar. He watches her in hopes that she will someday make her move. He wants to learn more about her but she only wants a one-night stand. She is different from the other women he has come in contact with and that makes him more fascinated. Will he convince her to give him a chance or will she become intimidated and run? What is it about her that makes her different?

Chenille and Thayer have only begun the journey to find true happiness. Will it be with each other or will one of them have a secret that will stop the relationship before it gets under way?Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the above publisher of this book.
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This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.December in Manhattan will give you frostbite if you’re not careful. Luckily, with one tiny nibble of my lip I can turn my red petticoat and black leather gloves into a heater. Of course, I know other ways that I would prefer to be warmed up, and it isn’t draped in a piece of cloth, but rather layered with a naked man. That reminds me of the new conquest I am working on. Tall, dark and handsome with a little bit of added sex appeal. That piquant man is drenched in tattoos and serves me at the newly opened bar “Mouth” every Thursday night. The owners have expanded to multiple cities around the US, and it has become my new preferred hangout and the man behind the counter is an added bonus. Ladies throw themselves at him, but I watch his eyes always flicker back at me, and I haven’t cast a spell on him or bit my lip yet. Tomorrow night, I will make my move, and if that doesn’t turn him into a panting dog then I will do something a little more magical.
I discovered when I was eighteen years old that I had magical powers and came from a family of witches. Everyone in my family has a special power, mine just happens to be seducing any man with the bite of my lower lip. It might not be as cool as some other powers, but a seduced man will give a woman anything she desires and with this simple power, I hold the key to every man in the world. Witches have rules and one of them is that married ones are off limits of course. I would never go there anyway; there is too much fresh meat available. I do practice magic from time to time with the family and some on my own. I have the cleaning spell down pat. Heaven knows I hate laundry or washing the dishes. What is the point if I can just say a few words and it is finished? The sex spells are where my heart is truly satisfied because I am utterly, passionately, in love with sex. Every sweat drop, breathless moan and tremendous climax. Sex in itself is an amazing act but spice it up with some toys and a little magical enhancements and well…it is over the moon arousing.
Once I get home and do all the tasks that it takes to unwind such as eat and shower then I conclusively curl up in my warm king-size bed and doze off to sleep with the bartender on my mind. My dream state is so fucking sultry that the only thing I can’t remember when waking up is how I ended up leaving my panties on. Damn, I could feel his hands all over my exposed body. I demand to feel his hard cock inside me and not my long skilled fingers. The excitement from my dream is guiding me into places I have never been before on my own. The anticipation of tonight’s events is driving me wild. I can’t wait to accompany him tonight and make my naughty dream, reality. Work is going to drag by as I carefully plan in my mind every second of our naughty encounter. I accidentally brush against the bus boy at lunchtime and nearly combust from the orgasm that is built up inside me. Fuck, I have thought about this for a couple months, but now everything has come to a head and I am ready to let go.
After work, I quickly go home and change into the sexy new outfit that I purchased just for tonight. An all-black, short skirt that falls just below my ass and a low cut tank top that drapes perfectly in the front showing the perfect amount of my supple breasts. My long legs look sexy as hell in the knee-high boots. I wouldn’t quite call them hooker boots, but they are in a close category. I pair my outfit with the perfect shade of red lipstick that will make my lip biting even more appealing if he doesn’t take the bait. Who am I kidding? Looking like this and the way he has been keeping his eyes glued on me when I am at the bar, makes me think it is a sure thing. It isn’t that often a man will turn down a beautiful woman and if he does…well, I will make it happen.
I stroll into the packed bar and immediately feel his dark eyes on me. Damn, they are piercing through my flesh like a knife into a hot juicy steak. I make my way over to the bar and slide my nearly bare ass on the bar stool and cross my long tanned legs. Every man in the bar has turned to take notice of me and I like the way it makes me feel powerful and sexy. I could have any man here and some women if I wanted. Tonight, I have eyes only on one and I nod in his direction letting him know that I am ready for him to take my drink order. Usually I go with something with a kick but tonight I stick with a very simple red wine. I want the inside of my mouth to have a tangy fruit taste when he kisses me for the first time. The flavor will have him craving me more as he slides deep inside me and with every stroke he will reminisce about how good I taste.
“What’s your pleasure this evening?” He says in a shrill tone. The small hairs on my neck stand up from the vibrations. “You are.” I cut it quick and to the point. Our eyes lock and he leans over the counter toward me. “I was thinking of playing hard to get.” His lips, drawn in a thin line all while playing the game and being as serious as he can. “I love a challenge.” I egg him on so he will tease me more. I can play better than he ever thought possible and with magic on my side, I am sure to win. “My shift is over at one, but if you are serious, I can play the sick card with my boss. We have extra staff tonight so I will be allowed to leave.” He shifts his weight back away from me and wipes the glossy wood counter down with the white bar cloth. “Do you think you can handle me?” I inquire, uncrossing my legs. The slight adjustment of my body makes his eyes shift from my eyes to the top of my short skirt. I take notice, bend toward the ground, and grab my cheetah MK purse that I sat on the floor earlier. My skirt pulls up higher as I reach farther down showing the side of my ass cheek. I hear him take a deep breath and I observe the older gray haired man sitting next to me that has an all access view as well. When I lean back up in my seat, I gaze over to the man’s lap and notice that he has a hard-on. It doesn’t take much to get a man’s brain pumping, and I’m not talking about the one that connects to his neck. It turns me on recognizing that I can get a man hot and bothered with the slightest movement of my body. I brush my arm up against his ever so gently and watch him out of the corner of my eye as he adjusts his length in his pants. I am having excessively too much fun with this poor slob when all of a sudden the bartender vaguely caresses my hand to get my attention. “My shift is over. Did you walk here? We can take my bike outback if you did.” His tone is charming but definite.
“Hey, all the months that I have sat in this very seat and you have served me drinks, I have never asked your name. What is it?” I requested once I realized that I should know his name if I am going to take him to my place. I hop down off the stool and pick my purse off the dark hardwood floor bending over from my waist so the older man on the stool next to me has full access to the red lace thong I am wearing. I lean up gradually and wait patiently for the bartender to tell me his name.
“Thayer O’Brien.” He blurts out in a dark but sultry tone and just as quickly, he grabs my hand and pulls it tightly as he marches toward the back door. I flinch a little once his hand touches mine from the coldness on his skin but I squeeze it back and follow him. My legs can barely catch up at the speed he is going. “Hey, slow down.” I start to giggle essentially because I’ve been with some eager men before, although never before we get to our destination. “I can’t wait to taste you on my tongue. We need to hurry or I will take you in front of all the people in the bar and I need my job tomorrow.” His Irish accent and declarations make my pussy clinch from being verbally aroused. I love a man to be direct with me. It’s so fucking hot.
“My name is Chenille Bishop by the way. Thanks for caring.” I say in a sarcastic tone, but then again, loving every minute of his take-charge ways. He glares back at me and I melt. Wasn’t I suppose to be the witch here because I could swear he had some magical powers over me?
We pull into my apartment building that is in the heart of Soho. My sister Jenny and I own a soup bar in downtown Manhattan called “Steamy Soups” that does very well even without our magical enhancing abilities. My loft is rather simple on the inside as far as home décor goes. I like everything to stay earthy to bring out the elements around me, which mean most things are in shades of brown. We walk through the door and before I can put the keys on the small wood table next to the door, Thayer grabs my shoulder and spins me around, slamming my back into the wall near the door. The force nearly takes my breath away. His strong hand grips my hair from behind and he tugs until my neck is stretched out meticulous enough that he has full access to every inch of it. His lips slightly brush against my neck and his warm, wet tongue skims the skin up to my ear. The goose bumps spread across my body from the sensations that are rippling through my insides.
“I can almost taste the blood running through your veins, you are so delicious.” Thayer’s voice is a little shaky from his nerves possibly.
“I have a few other spots that are just as delectable.” I say breathlessly and I skim his lips with my index finger. His words creep me out a little. I don’t know what guy talks about someone’s blood tasting good and if he acts like he is going to bite me any where I will send him to another dimension with a few chants and a bite of my lip. I gaze into his eyes and he startles me when his teeth snap at my finger and his throat lets out a snaring growl. His eyes are soft and I am assured that he is just playing and my fear vanishes. He pulls my skirt up over my ass and tugs on the thin string that is my thong until it pops, and they fall seamlessly to the hard tile floor. He places his substantial hands on either side of my waist and pushes me up higher on the wall, holding me there steady as his lips engage mine. I can’t help but touch every part of his body that my hands can reach although the part I am most interested in is too far for even my long arms to reach from this angle. He releases one hand and uses it to undo the button on his pants all the while he is slowly making his way from my mouth to my neck. I hear the metal zipper of his pants sliding down and then silence and stillness. I can’t help but open my eyes to see what he is doing and his red eyes startle me. I blink and they are brown again. Fuck the arousal is playing tricks on me. I lay my head back against the walls flat surface and take in a deep breath. I can smell his clean scent all around me. “Ahh.” I scream out.
His length penetrated through my folds without warning. It is fast and hard. The passion he has is searing and I want more. I crave more.

I arch my back so his shaft slides inside me deeper. Fuck, he has reached something inside that I have never experienced before and the feeling that is building up is hard to let go. I know I need to come but I don’t want this feeling to end. I want the pleasure to continue making me quiver. Every part of me is shaking tremendously and I have to remind myself to breath, since I’m overwhelmed with pleasure. My arms fall weak to my sides as he continues to ram deep within me and I hold back my release. “Your pussy is so wet; I know you want to come. Don’t hold back baby. Come for me.” His words are my unraveling. I come for him as he slides in and out at a slower pace and stills, releasing a small jerk when he has come. He slips out of me and removes the condom. I point toward the living room and softly mutter, “Bathroom is down the hall on the left.”
He strolls to the bathroom to clean himself up and I lay still on the cold tile floor of my loft. My legs feel like jello and my heart is slowly starting to return to its normal pattern. It was brief but it was the best sex I have ever had. It was raw and passionate. There was no need for magic to make me feel anything. It was there on its own. Perfectly and leaving me ravished.

The feeling in my legs start to return so I stagger back up, pull my skirt down over my ass, and search on the floor for my torn thongs. They are nowhere in sight. I assume he took them to the trash for me, which is very considerate for a one-night stand. Hell, for any man. I walk toward the kitchen and stop to look in the large square mirror on the wall in the living room. I have mascara dripping down my face so I lick my finger and rub at it until it disappears. When I have the last bit off, Thayer saunters back into the room looking as hot as the first time I saw him at the bar. Actually, I think he is now a few notches hotter after I know how good he feels inside me.
“So, what’s up with the locked room?” He asks, nodding his head toward the back room. “Oh that, it’s just filled with my treasures like diamonds and blocks of gold.” I walk over to the couch, take a seat, and swallow a sip from the glass of wine I just poured myself. “Help yourself to anything in the kitchen. I just opened a new bottle of “Lakeshores, French kiss white wine” if you have time you can hang for a while and we can have round two.” I lick my lips slowly, tasting the sweetness from the wine and wait for his response. Besides, there will be a round two regardless if he likes it or not. I need more and I am not ready to let him leave just yet. He pours the wine into the crystal wine glass and shakes it in the air. I can’t help but to be mesmerized by every move he makes and downright unable to take my eyes off him. I would almost swear on my soul that the liquid is rotating in slow motion as he swirls the glass. Once he takes a sip, he finally accompanies me on the sofa. We both know what is next, but I think he is playing hard to get again. It is as if he’s extremely turned on by my suffering and my complete need for him to touch me.
“Are you going to show me behind the door?” Thayer adjusts the way he is sitting and turns his body toward me. My eyes focus in on his shirt that is halfway unbuttoned with a small patch of hair peaking through the fabric. I haven’t even seen him without his clothes on and I can’t control my thoughts. “Why is it important?” I look at him dead face.
“If you have it locked up, either you are hiding something or you are hiding something. So you should just let the cat out of the bag.” He slides his hand up my leg and pauses as I let out a small breath. I sigh, “Damn, if you are going to be a baby about it then I will show you but you better know this, once you go in you can’t walk out.” Thayer’s eyes widen. I rise up from the couch and hold my hand out for him to take it and he does. We march to the back room and I stop dead center of the door and turn to face him. “Are you sure you want to know my secrets?” He nods his head yes. I reach above the photo that hangs on the wall adjacent to the door and slide off the small copper key and slip it into the doorknob. Once the door is open, I stand back and allow him to enter the room first. My breath hitches as I follow a little farther behind him as he takes it all in. I take in a deep breath and have the sense of warmness engulf my veins. I don’t bring anyone in this room unless they are under a spell which happens only after they agree and sign a contract that my attorney has drawn up. I would never do anything sexual with a person without their permission of course. The only thing is that after it is over they will remember nothing about the room or the magic but only the magnificent amount of pleasure they experienced with me.
The room is black with splashes of red and silver to make the room inviting. The large dark walls are completely masked by a black shimmery fabric that is almost like curtains, but made to make the room more appealing to the eye. In the center of the room is a large magic circle that is where the magic begins. Sex spells are the hardest spell to cast other than the love ones because all words can be confusing when it comes to love and pleasure.

It took me years to perfect this spell and now I have it down pat. Of course, the inner of the circle protects me for, if or when, the man or woman gets out of control. I have learned the hard way that even my best judgment in a one-night stand might be my worse. It is cold tonight in this room with the dropping temperatures outside so I grab the remote off the large oak dresser on the far side of the room and switch on the fireplace. On the left of the dresser is a king-sized oak bed with a slatted headboard. A black down comforter and red silk sheets top the bed with a few pillows to complete the look, but have never been used. This room is not for sleeping, ever. Once the magic is over, everyone goes home and I go back to pretending to be the innocent human that lives alone with her black cat named Pansy.
Thayer turns and glares at me. “Is this your bedroom?” He scratches his head staring at the center of the room and continues, “Are you a witch?”

“No it’s not and yes I am.” I whisper but loud enough that he can hear me. He hasn’t bolted from the room yet, so it is safe to say he is not freaked but curious. “Ask me what you want. I’m an open book right now.” I take a seat on the end of the bed, kicking my feet back and forth, as I wait for him to say something.
“How long have you been doing this? Are you a good witch or a bad witch and why did you trust me to bring me in here?” He asks one question after the next as he paces the room.
“I was born this way and I learned about it when I was eighteen. I am mostly good but I like to be bad sometimes and it wasn’t about trust because I can wipe away your memory anytime I want.” I peer up at him and his large frame wanders over and stands directly in front of me.
He leans down to where his face is almost touching mine. “You wouldn’t do that now, would you?” His voice is almost a whisper but husky and sexy. I feel myself start to heat up and though several before have turned me on, there is something about Thayer that wakes up my sexual desire and brings it to my throat.
“I would and I will if I don’t trust you now or after you leave.” I utter, crossing my legs to clinch in the want I feel for him so I don’t snatch him onto this bed.
“Tell me more about this room and why it is locked. You mentioned that it wasn’t your bedroom.” He bites his lower lip and climbs onto me, pushing me onto the bed.
“It’s simple. I like sex, but I love pleasure more. I cast spells in here that enhance the orgasm and the whole experience. It is quite phenomenal.” I explain to him as he leans in closer to my lips. I could take him at any moment and get this show started but there is something in the way he scrutinizes me that makes me want to converse with him more. Others have asked the same questions before, but his tone is different, almost as if he already knows something I don’t. Thayer presses his lips to mine and crushes his body full force onto my small frame. I grab his arm and firmly push on him until he relaxes. “I want to feel what you experience but I don’t want to forget afterwards. I want to know everything when we are finished and after I have left. I won’t tell anyone your secret, and if it is as good as you say it is then, I want to do it again.” He rolls over off my body and props himself up on his elbows and gazes over at me. “Okay but know that if I decide that I can’t trust you then I will wipe your memory clean. I’ve never had anyone walk out of here remembering the magic performed here. This is a first for me.” I cave. Me, I cave to a man that is nothing more than a toy for me. What has gotten into me since we fucked in the foyer of my loft? He has turned me into every other needy woman in the world but for some reason it’s okay and I like that I feel this way.
I scoot to the edge of the bed and stand up.

“I’m going to walk over to the magic circle and I want you to stay here until I order you to move.” I cock a half smile, march over to the circle, and sit with my legs crossed mid-shin in the center of the articulate design. I light all the candles at once after I chant the words, Fire high. Fire low. Now fire glow. The red candle is for sex and the pink one is for lust. I sprinkle a protective powder on the pink candle to symbolize the red one is my target as I visualize that I am a sexual goddess and the man closest to me has a desire to pleasure me and the more I am pleasured the more aroused he will become. Then I gently rub a soothing oil on my arms. I bite my lip to finish off the spell. The flames of the candles change from a warm golden flicker to a deep red flame. I know from the deep shade of red that the spell is complete and I stand up and turn to face Thayer on the bed. The expression that spreads across his face is erotic and I can feel the heat from his body on mine without even touching his skin.
“It’s time to play dress up.” I enlighten him as I saunter over to the massive size closet that is filled with different types of costumes. Humm, what should we be today? Ah ha! I have the perfect thing. I remove two outfits and toss Thayer his just before I slip out of my clothes and let them drop to the floor where I stand and they puddle at my feet. When I finish and give myself the once over in the large mirror hanging on the wall next to the bed. Thayer is wearing a pair of red velvet pants, topped with white fur at the bottom of the legs while I am dressed in a red velvet dress that lands halfway down my ass, leaving the other half exposed. “Mr. And Mrs. Claus seemed like the perfect fit for a night like this. Don’t ya think?” I pose with one hand on my hip, dropping a sinful smile his way. “Damn woman you look fucking hot.” He responds, “You just made my dick stand up and salute.” He reacts with excitement in his voice. It doesn’t take long before he is all over me. Our bodies slam into the mirror and within a few seconds we have stripped the comforter off the bed and the clothes have been lost. Normally when I play dress-up, we actually role-play before we start fucking. The chemistry Thayer and I have for one another is like nothing I have ever felt before. I’m not sure exactly what to think about it. It happened before the magic.
Thayer glides his large hand slowly up and down my slender thigh causing my body to shiver. I entangle my fingers into his dark, silky hair and press my lips firmly on his. I love the way his kiss tastes sweet yet salty. It’s almost like eating a chocolate covered pretzel and then devouring the whole bag. Sinfully delicious. His hand reaches the apex of my thigh and moves higher up, teasing me more with each stroke. “Open your legs.” He barks. I do as I am told even though I am used to being the one in charge. The firmness in his tone turns me on more. He pushes my legs further apart and runs his hand along the outside of my pussy with smooth and précis movements. One of his fingers penetrates though the folds and reaches the moistness that has been building up. He slides it up and down getting lower each time until he barely touches my ass. He pushes himself back until his face is in the center of my legs and he is facing me. His brown eyes blaze and he licks his lips before disappearing below.

I can feel his tongue glide across the slick folds. His hands reach up under my hips and lifts me up a little higher as he continues stroking and licking. I feel his fingers push deep inside me as he begins to suck. Oh my…the pleasure is so intense. I try to hold back so I don’t come yet but it is getting harder with every move he makes. I tug on his overgrown hair to get his attention but he ignores me. I let out a loud moan and my breathing is getting rougher as I try to hold back. “Let go, Chenille. Come baby. Show me I am doing something right.” He murmurs before he slips his tongue inside me and pulls it out then repeating the pattern. I finally release. The orgasm is so intense and I know that the spell has worked but I have this feeling that it would have been this way without it. Thayer knows how to pleasure me by his words and his movements. There isn’t anything he doesn’t do that hasn’t turned me on deep inside the depths of my inner core. I want him to continue to do it for as long as we both can keep this up.
Hours later the spell has worn off and we are sore and dripping sweat. “You were right about the enhancement. I don’t know if I can ever go back to the normal way again.” Thayer says while rubbing his hand lightly up and down my back.
“I used to think the same thing up until the foyer earlier. You, Mr. O’Brien, are enhanced all on your own.” I lean up and kiss his plump lips softly.
I can feel him smile beneath my lips. Knowing that it pleases him that I thought he was magnificent without the magic is enduring and sexy. If my legs didn’t feel like flan I would climb on top and ride him until the sun rises over the buildings. I lean into his chest and fall asleep. It is out of the ordinary for me to sleep with anyone and I mean actual sleep. I blame it on being tired from the long evening, but I know that it is the pull between us that’s drawing me in. I need to kick him out before I fall into a lovesick fool but I don’t want too. I want to do this again tomorrow and try leaving the magic behind first and then enhancing it up a notch. What the hell am I thinking? He is a conquest, a one-night stand. There isn’t a do over. Fuck it, if he is game then so am I.
After an extremely long night full of games and repeat pleasure, we both wake up around noon on Friday morning. Today is my day off at the restaurant so it worked out perfectly. Thayer doesn’t have to be at the bar until this evening so we could go another round or two if my body wasn’t exhausted from the night before. His muscular arm is wrapped diagonally over my naked breasts and his face is rammed into the back of my neck. I am so flabbergasted at how I continue to feel with him. You would have thought I knew him my whole life. I am a little saddened as I wait for him to wake up. I don’t want the night to be over. Why do I feel this way? If I didn’t know better, I would think he cast a spell on me and I am the puppet in his play. He loosens his grip and rolls over facing the other side. It is my chance to get up and stop the crazy emotion I am feeling. I slowly start to climb out of the bed when I feel something grab my wrist firmly. I glaze down to see that it is Thayer’s hand. “What are you doing?” I shout a little more loudly than I should have. His eyes pierce into mine. “Where do you think you are going? He demands not moving his hand from my wrist.
“I am going to the restroom, if you must know.” I blurt out the most believable lie I can muster up. He lets go of my arm and I stroll to the bathroom just outside the room. I brush my teeth and clean myself up. My brown hair looks like a rats nest in the scruffy bun I created during one of the many sexual encounters we had last night. I pull it out of the elastic band and brush out the knots before securing it back up in a tame bun. I pace back and forth in the bathroom unsure of what to do about the man in the room across the hall. I want to march in there and pull him into my lips and kiss him passionately but then I also want to throw him out and slam the door. I am having a complete bipolar moment and I need to get over my independent ways. He probably doesn’t even want to date anyway. A one-night stand is just that and we both knew it before we came here. Why am I trying to break the rules now?

I breath in a deep breath and walk back into the room and Thayer is laying on the bed stark naked. His firm, round ass is in plain sight and my bottom lip tingles a little when I see it. I could bite the shit out of it right now because it looks so damn good. That’s right; it looks good enough to eat. I will settle for touching though. I climb into the bed, grab his ass, and give it a tiny squeeze. “Yep, just as good as I remember.” I murmur.
Thayer reaches over, grabs one of my breasts, and mimics me. I am immediately turned on. Damn him for having this effect on me. I am wet and my insides are pulsating as he rubs his palm lightly over my nipple. I arch my back just enough that he knows I am wanting more. He slides up on the bed and sits facing toward me. “After last night I thought you had enough. I’m glad to see I still turn you on.”
I gaze down at his erection and smile. “Ditto.”
I lick my lips and pull my top in a smudge with my teeth. “What do you think we should do about that?”
His body collapses on top of mine, pushing me to lay flat on the bed. I draw my legs up and press them on either side of his hips. It doesn’t take long before his cock is inside me, sliding in and out quick and rigorously . We both moan loudly with every stroke. His moans growl from deep within his throat. I am completely breathless as I reach high orgasmic levels. I don’t hold it in this time but instead I come as he continues to get deeper inside me. The pleasure is so intense that I can feel myself climaxing again. I haven’t cast a spell and I’m still losing myself over every stroke. When he finally releases he lays beside me face first into the sheets. His shoulders move hastily as he tries to catch his breath. I am at a loss for words but my mind is running a marathon. How could it be this good without magic? I have never experienced this before with any man. That’s why I decided to start enhancing my pleasure with the spell. If this keeps up between us, I might never use magic again.
“Are you a witch?” I gaze over at him and blurt out.
He roars out in laughter.

“No.” I wish I were that awesome. He brushes my hair from my face. “But…” He starts to say something and stops. His eyes peer deep into mine for a moment. It is almost aery. “I do have a secret.” He utters and adjusts his body so he is leaning on his elbows, facing toward me. His bare ass is hanging out of the sheets and all I can think of is how badly I want to grab it again. I try to focus on his words but my eyes keep drifting to his naked body. I lick my lips and go in for a kiss. He pushes me back, and this overwhelming feeling of calm rushes through me. I lean back and wait for him to tell me so we can get on with the orgasms. “I am a vampire.” He says, his Irish accent is stronger than ever and I burst out into laughter. “You are so funny. Really, Thayer, you know how to lighten the mood. Now can you get back to the business of pleasuring me and leave your comedian role behind?” I giggle and lunge at him. My frame is on top of his now and our skin is sticking together from the sweat.

“Chenille, you are a witch but you don’t believe in vampires?” He asks me with a straight face. I seriously can’t believe he is doing this right now of all times. I’m all for humor but not during the naked hours of the day. “No I don’t. I have always known them to be urban legends. Fake. Made up for movies.” I answer and lean up on his hips. I love the way his cock feels between my folds. I glare down at him and wiggle my hips a little so he will stop all this talk and start up his huge cock toy again. His eyes change to a deep shade of brown, nearly black. I can’t take my eyes off them and I notice something happening with his face. I can see the blood in his veins pulsating. It is the strangest, but most mesmerizing thing I have ever witnessed. Just as I come out of my trance,

Thayer sits up and grabs my shoulders, pushing me to the bed. “Look at me. Do you see what I am turning into?” He opens his lips and I see his sharp fangs. I don’t get scared but I am interested in what is going on. I reach out my hand and touch one of them to check if they are real. “Holy shit, you really are a fucking vampire.” I run my fingers over his face and feel the veins underneath his skin beating. “How? I…” I am stuttering over the words. I mean what do you say to a vampire. I always thought my first words would be “Change me” but now as it is actually happening I am unsure of how to handle the situation. I have been alone in this room with a real-life vampire. Handcuffs, rope and hundreds of sex toys that could be used to hurt me are at every inch of this room. Oh wait, he has fangs and probably a tremendous strength to do that. I can feel my heart race a little, as I think of all the things he could have done to me but instead he just had sex with me over and over. “Wait; is there some special sex power that vampires have?” I ask him as I squirm to get out of his grasp. “No, but I can compel you to do whatever I want and have orgasm after orgasm so that’s what I made you do.” He says smugly, finally releases his grip and climbs off me so I can get up. “Are you going to kill me?” I ask in fear of the answer. I pace back and forth in the room. My naked body is starting to get cold whether it is from the temperature of the room or the fear that is now invading my mind I am unsure. “No I am not going to kill you. I can’t even feed off you if I wanted. Your blood is like poison to me. A coven cast a spell centuries ago so that vampires could no longer feed on witches. It took away the fear witches had so they no longer see us as a threat. We can stay hidden since they are no longer trying to harm us and we can’t harm them. Guess that’s why you thought we were fictional.” He explains then stands and strolls over to me. He takes my hand and looks in my eyes. “I only made you orgasm. I promise that is all I did. I am sorry I didn’t tell you before. I just wanted to give you something too and without the magic. I honestly wasn’t going to tell you and leave this morning but now I feel different and I want to come back and see you outside of these black walls.” His words flow and I hear them but my brain is confused by what he is saying and also by what I am feeling. “Do you think we can do this without the mind games?” I ask and slowly turn my head away from him.
“I can and I know you can. I’ve seen you for months coming into the bar and we have something. No gimmicks. No magic. I can feel something between us. What do you say?” He convinces me but only because I am horny and let’s be real. I felt it. That’s why I kept going back week after week. I wanted to be with him. Sure, I played the same tired game of landing the hot guy and I did scout him for a couple months before making my move. I normally walk in and walk out with someone. With Thayer, I was more interested in him than the sex but in the end, I chose sex because I have never had a real relationship before.

With the secret of being a witch, I was content being a hussy instead of a girlfriend. Besides, after I erased their minds, they never know who I truly am. I stare at Thayer’s hands that are still holding mine. “I don’t know how to be a girlfriend or how to live life with a man outside these 4 black walls.” A single tear falls down my face and I lower my head toward the ground. His cold hand lifts my chin up and his thumb brushes across my chin, wiping the tear before it slides down my neck. “Chenille, I have been alone for decades, waiting for the perfect match to come into my world. I believe that it could be you. We both have hidden secrets that we keep from the outside world and I think it’s time that we have someone other than family to confide in. Please say you will.” His larger than ever voice seems so small as he tries convincing me that we could work.
“Okay, I will try but on one condition.” I whisper.
“Anything.” He murmurs back.
“Fuck me now.”

I look closely at him and his eyes glisten.
He reaches behind my back and scoops me up in his arms just below my ass. We have been standing in this same spot for several minutes now and my skin is like ice. “I will have you warmed up in now time baby.” He utters as he carries me out the door and down the hallway to my bedroom. He lays me on the bed and carefully drapes the comforter over me. He slides in beneath the covers and leans in close to me as I lay shivering. New York City in the winter is brutal if you are not used to it or have a good heater in your building. I whisper, “Warm me up, just enough, warm me up buttercup”, biting my lower lip to set the spell. The room slowly starts to warm up and Thayer plants a sweet yet passionate kiss on me. His lips are so plump that I can’t help but lick them. This time the sex is slow and more passionate. I am completely taken in and enjoying every moment without any magic or compulsion. He knows every curve of my body and every spot that sends me over the edge. After an entire night of getting to know each other, we have finally begun to enjoy the satisfaction on a much higher level. Emotional pleasure. I don’t know how I could have forgotten that pleasure is more than just spells but being emotionally involved. Connecting with the person that is with you and embracing every inch of their body. It sends me into a completely new level of pleasure.

Thayer’s tongue traces the outline of my jaw and skims down my neck leaving butterfly kisses with every inch he covers. His hands stroke my back lightly as we kiss and there has not been any penetration but the feelings are so strong that I could swear I was reaching my breaking point. We caress each other’s skin and the temperature builds between us. We gradually thrust the covers to the side of the bed as our own body heat warms us up. His lips are velvety on my skin as he trails down my supple neck to my breasts. His tongue thrashing and flicking my hard nipples and then gently kisses them one by one. He slowly slips his fingers between my folds and start rubbing back and forth at a rapid pace. Just before sliding his fingers inside my breath hitches from the buildup of emotion and tears stream down my face. He doesn’t notice the tears since he is enjoying the sex and they aren’t because of pain, but instead it is because I feel cared about. For who I am as a woman and a witch. No secrets and no surprises are between us. I am naked on the inside, completely exposed for him. I have never had this experience before and I am exultant.

The sex has always been what I thought I needed and I created an entire room for my pleasure but in all the years, I thought I had everything I now know that I was missing intimacy.
I entangled my hands in his silky hair, arch my back as his tongue penetrates me deeper. He gazes up at me and watches my face change with every thrust. I can see that it turns him on more knowing that he is bringing this much satisfaction to me by his touch. He rises and slides his cock between my legs but does not slip it inside me but instead he rocks back and forth, as his shaft glides across my sex, leaving me breathless. He enjoys teasing me enough that I almost come and then he changes positions leaving me hanging. I want to pull him to me and ram his cock inside me but I enjoy the teasing so much more than the release. I hold back and wait for him to be ready to let me relieve myself from the buildup. After an hour goes by and he has had his fill of every inch of my body he finally slips inside me and thrusts his hips hard and up in a rocking motion that reaches the center of my clitoris and we finally come together. We are completely spent and he crushes against my chest before slowly rolling to the side of me. His arm stays laying crossed my chest and his face presses into my neck. We close our eyes and fall asleep.

We don’t wake up until later that evening and Thayer has to leave and go to work. I have to admit I am nervous about what is going to happen next. I have never had sex in my bedroom and never spent the entire evening with a man. Once he leaves, I fear he won’t be back and then I’ll be back to the same old tricks of seducing men and then leaving them a couple hours later. We have both showered and I am in the kitchen wearing my cotton robe when he walks out of the bathroom. “I made you some dinner. I know you have to be starved after the night we had.” I slide the plate closer to him on the bar.
“I’m starved. I can definitely say I worked up an appetite.” He jokes and pokes the fork at the grilled Mahi, cutting it before taking a bite. “After work tonight I am going to go home and get some sleep but tomorrow morning I would like to take you on a real date. An all-day date, if you are up for it.”He continues in between bites.

“All day? Okay, what do I wear?” I ask unsure as to where we will be going.
“Jeans and a heavy jacket. We will be outside most of the day. I want to show you some things about me as a vampire.” He explains then walks over and kisses my lips. “I have to run but be ready at eight o’clock in the morning.”
I smile and nod, “I will be waiting.”
“Oh baby, not for long.” He turns and walks out the door.
My smile fades when the door closes behind him. I miss him already. Until tomorrow, I guess. Until tomorrow.

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